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HDGC3982 Battery Discharge Tester(Single Cell)

HDGC3982 Battery Discharge Tester(Single Cell)

Product Overview

HDGC 3982 series Battery Load Bank are for battery discharge experiment, capacity test, battery string maintenance, project checkup and acceptance, and DC power load test. For battery maintenance, it is periodic examination (e.g. once a year). It is used to judge the capacity of cells to see whether cells are weak to remove or renew. Users judge its capacity by the way of discharge in one string or more strings.
The wireless communication technology enables it continuously monitor and display the real-time discharging process of all individual cells via the monitoring terminal.
The measurement data can be read on the instrument screen directly. It can also be uploaded to a personal computer via a USB driver. With the analyzing software, you could have an all-rounded analyzing for the testing result and status of batteries. 

Product Features

¨         Using new material PTC ceramic resistance as discharge load, much safe because of avoid the red-hot phenomena , and can auto-protect the instrument
¨         Wireless communication for convenient discharge monitoring in PC
¨         It sets 4 conditions for auto shut-down of discharge:
discharge time, discharged capacity, cell cut-off voltage and total cut-off voltage
¨         Continued discharge available when certain cells voltage reach cut-off value
¨         Parallel connection of two units for mass discharge
¨         Real-time display of voltage for each cell
¨         Accurate data results and vivid waveforms
¨         Powerful management system for data analyzing
¨         Auto sorting for lag-out batteries during discharging
¨         Optional AC & DC power supply modes for different needs
¨         Integrated functions for displaying, controlling and discharging                       
¨         Safe circuits avoids damage to battery when testing
¨         Direct USB drive for convenient data transfer to PC
¨         Warning info, dynamic discharge and static discharge data auto-saving
¨       It covers different types of batteries for a wide range of discharging like 24V, 48V, 110V, 220V and 380V in different models 

General Parameters

Power SupplyAC 220V/110V or DC (from battery, optional), 50/60Hz
Discharging CurrentAccuracy: 1%    Resolution: 0.1A or 0.5%
Discharge voltage range
(designed as needed)
48V: 10-60V     110V: 10V-121V*  
220V: 10-275V     380V: 10-456V     
Voltage Accuracy0.5%Sampling Interval5s--1min
LCD Display128*64 pixel  LCDCommunicationUSB&Rs232
Temperature0℃~40℃           5%~90% Relative humidity
CE markingEMC standard:
EN61000-3-2: 2006
Dimension (main unit)*
450*360*220 mm (Size: S)              
570*225*460 mm (Size: M)
500*780*704 mm (Size: L)              
Weight (main unit)*9~13kg(S)   135~18M)   38Kg (L)