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HDGC3986 Multi-function Battery Bank Activator

HDGC3986 Multi-function Battery Bank Activator

Product Overview

HDGC 3986 series are complex units which provide one-stop-solution for battery maintenance. With charging and discharging for the same battery string, it will greatly simplify your maintenance for batteries. Extra functions like wireless online monitoring and battery activation will enable you to know your batteries comprehensively. What’s more, it is simple-to-use, rugged and portable which will be extensively cost effective and time-saving.

Product Features

¨         Suitable for all standby batteries and power batteries: 2V, 6V and 12V
¨         Multi-function in one unit: it uses 3-phase charging, constant current discharging, cell test, optional online monitor and battery activation
¨         Multi-condition for operation auto-stop: time out, maximum capacity, minimum voltage threshold (for battery or string)
¨         It adapts PTC ceramic resistor which secures your discharging
¨         Lag-out batteries could be automatically sorted, and activation function is used to enhance their performance
¨         Instead of merely a load bank, it has optional wireless communication to monitor each battery voltage in discharging
¨         State-of-the-art technique of soft-off for battery charging
¨         Graphical display, showing test result with curves
¨         Direct USB drive for convenient data transfer to PC
¨         Over voltage protection and under voltage warning function
¨         Thermal protection, auto stop in overheating and auto start in normal temperature
¨         Powerful data view software for complex data analyzing and report printing 
¨         Various models applicable to different area of industry like telecom and power utility

General Parameters

ParameterTesting rangeResolution 
& accuracy
Total discharge voltage(as needed)304~~456V(380V;50A)     176~275V (Norm: 220V)
96~121V (Norm: 110V)
10~60V (Norm: 48V)
Resolution: 0.01V
Accuracy: 0.5%
Total charge voltage output304~~456V(380V;50A)    176~274V (Norm: 220V)
99~121V (Norm: 110V)
43~60V (Norm: 48V)
Accuracy: 0.5%
Charge/discharge  cell voltage0.000V~16.00VResolution: 0.01V
Accuracy: 0.5%
Operating Time0~99h 59m