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HDGC3920 Battery Online Monitor System

HDGC3920 Battery Online Monitor System

Product Overview

HDGC3920 series battery monitoring system is composed of HDGC3920 module and monitor host two parts, some of which have only HDGC3920 module and HDGC3920 module can run independently.. There are also some parts, such as current conversion module, current transformer and temperature sensor, and some occasions including a monitoring unit and capacity unit. The monitoring unit is mainly used for field data, and the capacity unit can carry on the checking discharge to the battery group. The monitoring host includes a server and a dedicated monitoring service software, providing data viewing and remote control. According to the site specific circumstances may also include the installation of the cabinet or wall mounted bracket, etc..

Product Features

- Monitor battery voltage, single body resistance, group pressure, charge and discharge current;
- Automatic alarm over time limit;
- Automatically analyze data and generate analysis reports.;
- Field display function;
- Equipment with data saving features, and upload data through RS485 or network port.
Optional features are as follows:
- Monitor internal temperature of battery;
- Check discharge function;

- Optional 5.7 inch touch screen.

General Parameters